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Mon State is situated between Kayin State and the Gulf of Mottama. It has a short border with Thailand of Kanchanaburi Province. The Dawna range runs along the eastern side of the state and also has some small islands. The State of capital is Mawlamying.


There are regular express coach services to Mawlamying from Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay. The trains from Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw are also accessible to Mawlamying.


Mawlamying, Kyaikktiyo Pagoda , Thaton, Thanbyuzayat  War Memorial death railway,  Setse Beach and Kyaikkami Yele Pagoda.

KYAIKHTIYO (The Golden Rock Pagoda)

Located 160 km from Yangon, this legendary Pagoda is renowned for its golden rock precariously perched. The pagoda is situated on a rocky mountain at 3615ft above sea level and is an 11km hike from the base camp. The pagoda is said to have been built during the life-time of Buddha some 2600 years ago. There are now many options for transport and accommodation at Kyikhtiyo. Mawlamying was the Capital of the former British Empire and it was a major teak port from 1827 to 1852.



It is a two storey building dedicated to the Mon history of the region. Exhibits are displayed downstairs and reading rooms are upstairs. The modest collection of the museum includes scales with Mon inscriptions, hundred years old sculptures of wood, creamics, thanaka grinding stone, silver betel boxes, Iaquerware and folding manuscripts an English language letter dated 22 December 1945 from Bogyoke Aung San to Mo Chit Hlaing, a famous Mon leader. In front of the museum a British cannon dated 1826 and a huge Myanmar gong are displayed.


Three famous pagodas adorn the Mawlamyine Ridge, with Kyaikthanlan being one of them. Erected in 875 A.D, this pagoda has a hair relic of Buddha, Tripitaka maunuscripts and gold images of Buddha. Successive kings raised the pagoda higher, from 56 feet to the present 150 feet. A big bell with a medieval Mon inscription and also another bell with an inscription in English, dated 30th March 1885 can be seen on the platform.


Gaungsay Kyun in Myanmar means Head Wash Island. This beautiful little island of Mawlamying has north-western end is a good picnic sport. The island was named Head Wash Island because the yeariy royal hair washing ceremony during the Inwa (Ava) period, used the water taken from a spring on the island.A short boat ride can take visitors to the island.