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Myeik (also known as Mergui) Archipelago is a group of islands located in the Southern region of Myanmar on the Andaman Sea. It comprises more than 800 pristine islands of varying sizes. These untouched islands are renowned for their pristine white-sand beaches and diverse marine life. Myeik City, located in the far south of the region is a must see. Apart from being a gorgeous and remote island, Myeik also has a host of to an amazing colonial-era buildings, and boasts a 500-year long nautical history. The clear waters are also perfect for pearl cultivation. For a nature lover, Myeik is heaven on earth. The unparallel diversity of flora and fauna coupled with breathtaking underwater scenes and marine life make for an unforgettable holiday destination. Apart from the sea, Myeik has a number of lakes, lagoons and abundant wildlife, all typically laying undiscovered by travellers. It’s time to uncover the Myeik Archipelago.
Source from :Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

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